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Website Audit

Before starting our work we always first take an in depth look at the website of our customers. We analyze your website in order to point out crucial mistakes, that are currently hurting your potential to grow.

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(We identified massive errors in MedixCBD's current Site Structure, Thin Content Pages, 404 Errors & Indexing Issues. Keyword Cannibalization also stopped MedixCBD from exceeding their potential rankings.)
SEO BLUEPRINT by Marketinghope

After we thoroughly analyzed your website we will come up with a personalized plan. We take all of the missing or unoptimized pieces from the audit and turn them into a complete SEO BLUEPRINT.


Contact Us now to get your SEO Blueprint by Marketinghope.net

Technical Fixes

Having a properly functioning website is super important. While Technical SEO doesn't directly affect Rankings, it definitely improves User Signals & User experience which is a tremendous Ranking factor.

  • We fixed 404 errors

  • We resolved Redirect chains

  • We made sure internal links weren’t linking to 301 Redirects

  • We fixed mixed content issues from earlier https migration

  • We noindexed irrelevant pages

Content Optimization

If you don´t have valuable content on your page then your SEO campaign is destined to fail. We optimize your content and also create new content if necessary.

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(We optimized important Pages based on Relevancy with the TD*IDF Tool. We found Long Tail Keyword opportunities and implemented them into existing pages. Additionally we no-indexed Thin Content Pages)
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On Page Optimization

Before starting with our Linkbuilding campaign we first make sure that your Website is on page optimized. Don´t waste your Linkbuilding efforts with a bad on page optimization. Once your website has been on page optimized it´s ready to blow up in the Google SERPs.

Pillow Linkbuilding

Once all on page optimizations have been made we can start with the inital linkbuilding campaign. The purpose of Pillow Linkbuilding is to fix your Dofollow/ Nofollow & Anchor Texts Ratio. Within this phase you may not see huge improvements in your rankings however this is a mandatory step in order to make sure your page has the right foundation of Links.

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(We syndicated a Press Release and built Local Citations to diversify the current Link foundation)
Authority Linkbuilding

This the meat of our SEO Campaign. In this step we build authority to your site with the help of high quality Links. It is proven that strong backlinks is one of the main ranking factors for your Site. Get some of our high authority links and your rankings will increase within a couple of weeks!

(We got our hands on some of the most prominent names in the CBD / Health industry)
Reevaluation of the Results

We take a 2nd in depth look at your website. We look at what has worked and what has not. By removing all aspects that had no impact on your rankings and tripling down on what has worked we will further increase the chances of your site ranking!

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(We were able to increase the Organic Traffic from less than 100 visitors per day to 3.000+ daily visitors. Monthly revenue increased from 8.000$ to 117.000$ per Month within a 9 month campaign period.)