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Website Audit

Before starting our work we always first take an in depth look at the website of our customers. We analyze your website in order to point out crucial mistakes, that are currently hurting your potential to grow

  • Technical On Page Mistakes

  • Content Quantity & Quality

  • Dofollow/ Nofollow & Anchor Texts Ratio

  • Quality of your Links

  • Significant aspects that are missing

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SEO BLUEPRINT by Marketinghope

After we thoroughly analyzed your website we will come up with a personalized plan. We take all of the missing or unoptimized pieces from the audit and turn them into a killer SEO BLUEPRINT.


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Content Optimization

The first thing we always do is take a look at your existing content. If you don´t have valuable content on your page then your SEO campaign is destined to fail. We optimize your content and also create new one if necessary


Better Results with Optimized Content

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On Page Optimization

Before starting with our Linkbuilding campaign we first make sure that your Website is on page optimized. Don´t waste your Linkbuilding efforts with a bad on page optimization. Once your website has been on page optimized it´s ready to blow up in the Google SERPs. These are the most important on page corrections we make:

  • Meta Titles

  • Meta Descriptions

  • Header Structure

  • XML Sitemap

  • Robots.txt File

  • Mobile Responsiveness

  • Page Loading Speed

  • Internal Link Siloing

  • SSL Certificate

  • Alt Attributes

Pillow Linkbuilding

Once all on page optimizations have been made we can start with the inital linkbuilding campaign. The purpose of Pillow Linkbuilding is to fix your Dofollow/ Nofollow & Anchor Texts Ratio. Within this phase you may not see huge improvements in your rankings however this is a mandatory step in order to prevent your page from getting into jeopardy later on. Following Link Types are being used:

  • Press Releases

  • Local Citations

  • Web 2.0 Links

  • Contributor Blog Posts

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Authority Linkbuilding

This the meat of our SEO Campaign. In this step we build authority to your site with the help of high quality Links. Google loves this and therefore will reward you with higher rankings. Get some of our high authority links and your rankings will increase within a couple of weeks!

Web 2.0 Links

PBN Links

Guest Blog Posts

Reevaluation of Results so far

We take a 2nd in depth look at your website. We remove all aspects that had no impact on your rankings. Instead we start to emphasize on the things that have worked for you so far. We tripple down on the successful parts of the campaign

Better Results

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Potential Exploitation

After our reevaluation we know exactly which methods we should emphasize on in order to maximize the potential of your websites. We pick certain keywords that are on the 2nd page and we boost them to the #1 page with the help of more authority links. We take a look att all minor adjustments can still be made in order to get the best bang for your buck!

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Choose one of our 4 SEO Packages and experience what it feels like to finally beat your competition


Let's get in touch today. We'll have an in depth look at your market, to see which steps are necessary in order to get your name spread.


1. SEO works. It has been proven multiple times!

First of all, the techniques involved to rank your website, business, etc are well documented, and thus they do work (otherwise companies will not even exist in the first place). 

Many SEO case studies that were conducted, revealed that businesses that focus on an optimal user experience regarding the online presence of their company are getting rewarded with higher rankings and organic traffic ( which can be translated to more popularity!).

Just think about your daily google researches. Have you ever asked yourself why, for the sake of an example, the website comes before the in the results’ page? Well, the first one has implemented some SEO strategies, and thus taken the lead!

2. The best thing about SEO is that is not going to stop anytime soon!

Well, yes you read it right. Based on how search engines are being developed and with the introduction of the Semantic Web, SEO is going and will continue to have a significant impact on how results are being displayed after a specific request.

Fun Fact #1: Nowadays even audio and video content have a critical effect on your business. After all, we as ordinary users, are more attracted to a nicely made video presentation rather than just some plain text.

Image Caption

The reason why it is like that it's merely because we have grown lazy and as a result, reading is considered boring and most importantly time-consuming!

3. Believe it or not, it is convenient!

At first glance, SEO services might seem a little bit overpriced, but in reality, they are far from that. Compared to the costs associated with other forms of online marketing such as PPC advertising, social media marketing or buying potential customers for an email marketing campaign, SEO offers a reasonable return on investment. 

 Although PPC can generate more revenue and social media can be more effective in the short term, organic SEO remains the foundation of your online presence in many ways. SEO should be considered as the heart of the whole mechanism behind ranking factors.

4. SEO has an impact on how market shares are going!

That's what most people do not get straight even if they are the main "ingredient" in this big pie. Between 80% and 90% of customers before making any kind of purchase, they refer to organic reviews, information left from previous buyers and so on.

 This creates a sort of marketing chain where everything depends on the consumer preference! And guess how the buyer will search for the so desired review? Online! This means that if your company has a proper SEO implementation, it will be displayed among the first results and thus the chances of making some sales are real!

 It won't be long before almost everyone searches for products and services online. The real question here is: Do you want them to find your business or not? Without organic SEO in place, people will rarely notice you in contrast with your competitors who have implemented the right SEO strategy.

5. It is flexible as well

As you may have already noticed the average time we spend on mobile phones has increased drastically and thus the necessity to optimize websites for the mobile display have arised.

What this has to do with SEO? Well, it depends on that! As already discussed, SEO objective is to optimize the user experience while gaining some sort of "points" that will make you visible to the huge community!

Fun Fact #2: By the end of this year, the volume of traffic on mobile devices is expected to be higher than on traditional office devices.

Image Caption

With this dramatic explosion of mobile usage, a whole new world of effective SEO techniques has opened up to companies, such as local search optimization, page load, and many more factors.

6. Everything is about the content!

As technologies advance, more and more factors are responsible for the digital growth of your business. As a result, the lack of a healthy content profile is detrimental: every time the search algorithm is updated, Google and other search engines change the way websites are viewed. 

Things that didn't exist a few years ago, such as social media indicators, are of great importance to your ranking today. Not creating a healthy content profile for months and years to come is potentially going to have a negative effect on your business, as this is one of the main factors that Google evaluates when allocating your website.

You should definitely invest in some high-quality content for your website. With time you will get the results you were looking for. The key here is to understand the term high quality. With that, I mean that since the semantic web is starting to kick in, search engines have become pretty "smart". 

If for example, you are creating high-quality content that is NOT related to your specific niche, Google will understand that and will place you in the "low priority websites queue". So, before closing this paragraph, I would like to point out the fact that you should create content related to your niche !

7. Once started, it should be sustained over time!

The reason why most businesses end up thinking that SEO does not work is that they are not consistent. Websites should be considered like a child while SEO as the babysitter of the latter.

 If you do not take care of your children, they will end up having problems. The same applies to your website. If you don't advance and improve your position constantly, you will lose ground to a competitor. It is simple as that. Don't let your competitors impose themselves by ignoring this valuable tool for your business.

Closing words

Investing in SEO is more important than ever, as currently everyone faces problems when it comes to the usage of the right keywords and traffic data. Your business should definitely have an SEO strategy if interested in succeeding in online marketing.

 Believe it or not, SEO remains one of the key components of online branding and content awareness. Choose the right SEO Agency Plan and do not waste more time. The time has come!