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Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay fees in order to attract consumers within Facebook. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically. This process can further be optimized so you eventually pay less money for the same results.
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Why should you run Facebook Ads?

Reports by Forrester Research and eMarketer show that 25% of total online spending in 2019 will go toward social media.

And, 90% of social media users are on Facebook, which is significantly higher than any other platform.

Average Facebook Ads CPM

Combine this with the fact that the average CPM of Television Advertising for example is more than twice as high.

Average Television Ads CPM

What We Do
How we can help you with Facebook Ads:
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The creative & analytics
Facebook Ads can be split into 2 aspects: The creative & analytics. If you don't produce suited content, your Costs on ads spent will suffer. If you don't know how to optimize your current Funnel, you will spend more money on ads than you should. Perfecting the craft of creative & analytics will be the foundation of creating profitable Facebook Ads Funnels.

When producing content for Facebook Ads, we care about three key metrics: Audience Relevancy, Attention Captivation & Ad Intent.
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2. Analytics

The sheer amount of impressions for your ad campaign could be very high, but if you aren’t generating any leads those impressions are worthless (also referred to as Vanity Metrics). We set specific and measurable goals. This gives us actionable takeaways for for any metric that we track, which allows us to optimize any funnel. 
Let us manage your Facebook Advertising Campaigns