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How you can enhance your Marketing Campaign with the help of content creation

Often people ask themselves why their marketing strategies fail to work. And most of the times the main reason is:
  • Not spending enough time to distribute your content/work/service
  • Having the wrong marketing systems in place

But sometimes the main reason can be something completely different. I want you to stop thinking of your content as just content. 
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First of all take a step back and realize what you are actually doing: if you are reading this post, you most likely have: a product, a service, a message, an idea or a vision you are trying to spread to other people.

You most likely want to profit from your audience by getting their attention. That’s the profound goal of marketing: getting attention from your target audience to spread value.

But either way, if you are trying to do this, you will need a middleman (medium) to point your idea to an audience. You need a place where people can see what you are doing, and in the best case also interact with you.
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That’s where content comes into play: People use content to grab the attention of their audience and play with it. This can either be through written, video or audio form.

And using content is a smart thing to do. Because if you can produce content that can captivate who you are trying to talk to, then you have a powerful tool to spread what you are trying to get across.

However now let’s think again about the importance of content: How can you spread your word if you can‘t gather the attention of your audience. How can you spread your idea (or even harder, sell something), if you are not yet able to get them to listen to you?

And no matter what you do, the repeated pattern of content and attention always get’s back to you. There will never be a second where you don’t rely on a medium to gather attention.
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So… a successful marketing campaign not only depends on the marketing aspect but also on the creative content creation aspect. I think that excellent content might even be more important than the marketing part of your campaign.

Now you probably wonder how you can create fantastic content, which immediately captivates your audience. Let me tell you, creating good content is just another skill like anything else. So keep in mind that most likely you are going to suck a lot in the beginning, but the more you do it, the better you will become.

Just like you are trying to become a master of marketing skills, try to become a master at creating content. I honestly believe that being able to produce astonishing content, that fascinates your audience is a much more important skill, than being able to distribute it.

Think about it: If you are not able to create something other people can relate to, then the success of your marketing campaign is destined to become a failure.

I will give you four important Steps you can always follow along to put yourself in a position to win, by creating incredible content:
1. Remind yourself what your core message is
2. Analyse your Target audience
3. Choose the right medium & platform
4. Tell a story & provide value
Remind yourself what your core message is
Before even trying to spread something across thousands (maybe even millions) of people, make sure to figure yourself out first.

It doesn’t make any sense to spread something you don’t honestly believe in. All further steps rely on your ability to stand up for what you are saying/ selling.

Figure out what you want other people to know, learn, understand, realize, achieve, reach, believe, etc. Every single product, service or idea relies on your belief that you can provide value to your end target.

But don’t worry, it’s not that bad that you haven’t figured yourself out yet. Don’t force yourself, let it come naturally. Just be aware that if you found something you believe in, your marketing efforts will significantly benefit from it.
Don’t be afraid to start. Expose yourself to a position where you are already learning how to do the marketing work.
Analyse your Target audience
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This is the part where most people fail already. 

Content that works for males interested in fitness won’t work for females that are interested in fashion products.

It’s vital that you know who you are trying to target. 

I recommend you to go through all possible aspects thoroughly. 

Here is a guideline what to look out for:
When answering those questions always keep in mind why you are asking them yourself in the first place. 

Think about how your target audience affects your way of creating content. 

Think one step ahead and look for the questions behind your answers.

One book I can recommend to you is “Tribes by Seth Godin.” 

This is a very impactful book if you want to learn how to spread a message just by creating the right environment for your audience.
Choose the right medium & platform
Once you Figured out who you want to target, it‘s essential to understand where your audience spends their time. A 40-year-old Small Business Owner will probably spend their time on Facebook, while teenies interested in pop culture will most likely be on Instagram. If your target audience is above 70 years old, then I would focus on traditional media because those people probably don‘t spend their time on the internet.

Every Platform will work differently so it‘s crucial to find out where you should spend your time on. It‘s very likely that you will completely waste your time if you picked the wrong platform to focus on. 

How do I find the right medium?

This is a tough question if you don’t have a feeling for human behaviors. If you have no clue where your audience‘s attention is, then listen up:

Try out (literally) all Mediums that are possible. No matter if they are offline word of mouth, traditional media like the newspaper or Social Media.

Focus equally on every platform (if your budget allows it). Track your results (Keep in mind that the short-term effects of direct sales platforms can’t be compared to social platform’s long-term outcomes).
Soon you will find out where your target audience is and also which platform will be the most effective one for you. The most critical KPIs will be:

  • -Impressions 
  • -Clicks 
  • -Conversion Rate 

KPI’s always will remain important however social media platforms completely differentiate because they bring in a new aspect that traditional media wasn’t focusing on: Long-Term Influence. TV and Newspaper ads can’t be compared to Social Media platforms since they (most likely) solely rely on single sales.

The reason why Social Media is so compelling is that from a long-term perspective they have the highest ROI. You probably won’t make sales within the first 1-3 months, and sales will still be pretty low in your first year. Don’t think of social media as a short-term marketing strategy. Because if you can create a tribe of people that love what you do, you will 10x after two years and you will 20x after three years and so on…

Put it in perspective: You spend 24 months of time, money and energy to provide as much value as you can (by giving away your most valuable knowledge for free), and you will get 0 results. This sounds pretty stupid, right? However now think about this:
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The 1.000.000 will return on your investment sooner than later. Because you can use those people as:
  • Direct Sales 
  • Social Proof 
  • Word to mouth 
  • Referrals 
  • Long-Term Marketing prospects 
  • etc. 

Those people are worth so much money because their attention is your currency. Even if you don’t make a single sale from those people, the amount of times they talk about your idea/business/ product will lead to 20x more sales if you just have made some direct sales. They will give you social proof, and people will be 10x more likely to buy from you.

The most important thing is that those people will be your long-term prospects. Once they are part of your cult, they won’t leave you. And even if they do, they still have you in the back of their heads. Stop thinking about the worth of the single sales. Think about the lifetime value they will provide to you.

We will cover this topic more in-depth pretty soon, remember that KPI´s stay important with finding the right medium - but they are not the only go to metric you should blindly follow.
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Tell a story & provide value
Once you found out where your target audience spends their time, it´s your task to take advantage of that. The easiest way to captivate your viewers is by telling a story and providing value.

Why telling a story is important:
The concept of telling a story is greatly mentioned in the book "Talk like TED" from Carmine Gallo. People love listening to stories. Think about this

1. You can easily get lost in a story.
How many times have you watched a film/ series where time passed by so quick because you were caught up in a story. People lose their sense of consciousness. Listeners will start to take in everything in a state of pure enjoyment.

2. You can relate to the story.
No matter if you have been in the same position or not - you can relate to what the guy is saying. You can feel the emotions he is spreading. You can imagine situations he is painting in your brain. Etc... It´s so manipulative to listen to a story because you literally are in the story yourself.

And that´s why you as a marketer can significantly benefit from this. Find out how you can grab the attention of your viewer, play around with it and finally use it to your advantage.

I could easily go more in depth into this topic. Knowing human behavior and psyche is a valuable trait you should have. Being aware of our thinking patterns won´t only help you to be a good marketer - it will also help you to become a better person.

Why you should provide value:
"If you share the resource, you become the resource" - Is a great quote from some of my friends that stuck with me till today. People will remember you/ your brand if you helped them. Of course, people are afraid to get extra competition within your space if you share valuable resources but you should take an entirely different approach to this:

If you are the one showing that you know what you are talking about, then people will remember this. They will come back to YOU if they want to learn something. They will reach out to YOU if they want your services/ ideas/ products. You will create a connection within their brains that you are the resource. Your audience will be able to trust you once you have proven to be the expert.

Again we will go more in depth on this topic pretty soon, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for all of our future content.


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What I want you to take away from this blog post is that content is equally as relevant as the distribution of something. Think about it, if your content is shit (or even worse, not existing) then you won´t be able to grab the attention of your target audience. [I personally think of it as the 51/49 rule: Both is important, but if you have shit content you will go nowhere. If you have good content, but you don´t distribute you will also go nowhere. But at least you are in a better position]

Second I want you to remember that having good content will enhance your marketing efforts. People naturally will start to talk about your business so you will have an easier time spreading it. People naturally will feel the urge to share your resources as they want to help themselves or their friends. They will associate you with the resource and will always come back to you.

Lastly, I want you to be aware that creating good content is a skill just like anything else. In the beginning, you most likely will be pretty shit. As time goes by you will learn what works and what doesn´t. Test and learn. Try out different things, pick the assets that work best and remove the ones that don´t work. Soon you will be a content creation expert.