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Analytics & CRO

Every day you are leaving potential profits on the table if you haven't optimized your conversion rate yet. You can multiply your current profits by making minor adjustments on your website. Leveraging the help of analytical tools & making smart adjustments will guarantee an increase in profits.

Assume you know nothing

Most Business decisions are based on habits, intuition & 'experience'. This can be the ultimate trap to limit growth. Assume you know nothing about consumer behaviour and form opinions solely based on empirical data.

Getting Started with Analytics & CRO

Successful data measurement, processing, exploration & analyzation is a result of setting the right dimensions, customized segments and regular expressions when optimizing a website.

Knowing which variables you want to test

Measuring wrong variables and correlations will accumulate vanity metrics. Measuring the right variables will allow you to make the right decisions later on.

Conducting the tests

Conduct the tests and don’t shy away from rigor in the research process; it’ s the only thing that can lead to truly dependable results!

Analyzing test results

Correlation does not imply causation... but gathering data from unconscious tests in the right testing environment will help to form an unbiased - data driven opinion.

Take Action

Conclude your Campaign by acting on your findings. Having the right information in place allows you to make executive decisions based on empirical data rather than intuition and habit.


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